"We approach making skincare the same way an artisan chef would - believing every detail matters."


Need | For us the making process starts with a need. We will be out in all weathers and through first hand experience we will arrive at a skincare problem - then our challenge becomes to find a solution through formulation.

Formulation | Formulating our products takes us a long time, but it’s one of our favourite things to do (it keeps the grey matter working). The importance of getting it right is paramount to our business. It involves us reflecting on everything we know about making skincare and hours and hours of research.

Sourcing | Once we think we know what we want to work with, we do more research. We look for the right supplier, who have good quality ingredients and ethical policies. Even if we have fallen in love with our initial formulation, if the ethics of the ingredient in question is not right, we go back to the drawing board (this happens quite often).

Sample | Once we’ve got our initial combination of ingredients ready, it’s time to have a go at making the product. Before we arrive at the exact formulation we will make multiple samples of what we’re trying to create. This is a time consuming process that involves a lot of attention to detail. In making skincare, the difference of 1% can make all the difference and after multiple attempts, if we are not satisfied with the sample we have produced, we (again) go back a step and look to enhance the sample with different ingredients.

Testing | Once we are happy with the sample, it’s time for us to do some initial product testing. We get out in the mountains and on the trails and see if the product meets our need.

Alterations | Usually at this stage we find slight imperfections in the formula we want to iron out, which we resolve by making an amend to the ingredient, quantity or method.

Method | Once we have a formulation we are satisfied with, we then spend our time perfecting the method. None of our skincare products are mass produced, they are all made by hand in small batches. We find patience to be the greatest virtue in skincare making, taking our time and finding the perfect blending, whipping and cooling methods plays a huge part in the overall quality of our product.

We use all natural ingredients and make each product by hand. Like nature and art you will find each one of our products is subtly unique in their own way.

More Testing | Once we’ve made the alterations, we will again get out in the mountains and test our product.

Only once we are 100% happy that our product meets our need and adheres to our ethical policies do we decide to sell our product.

More Testing Again | At this point we send our product off to an external company who supervise us through the steps needed to ensure our products meet industry best practices to manufacture and sell cosmetics in the UK as well as conduct their own external Cosmetic Product Safety Report for each of our products.

Listening | We don’t begin selling our products until we truly believe our products meet their intended purpose. More importantly we need our products to meet the needs of our customers. For this reason we continue to seek feedback from all of our customers so that we know our products are doing a great job and if they’re not, understanding this, so we can change them.

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