Legend has it, when William II invaded the unruly north, he made it as far as Dunmail Raise, where the locals made their stand. As the wicked king passed Grasmere, his army was stopped by a terrible roaring sound, thundering down from the hills.

Suddenly the King’s army was struck and hurled to the ground by an invisible giant, that lifted trees from their roots and knocked knights from their horses. 
The King and his army thought it was the wrath of God and fled, with the locals hot on their heels.

The giant is known to the locals as the Helm Wind and can still be found in Cumbria today.

It is in this tough Cumbrian weather, that we have made and tested our skincare products, to protect you and your skin from anything the outdoors can throw at you. 
 Behind the Brand Helm Wind Outdoor Skincare