Chafe Stick | Product Review

120km Endurance Race Dolomites

Charlie Knights Founder of Pure Trails Adventure

Hey I'm Charlie.

I’ve recently returned from racing the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, one of the world's premier endurance races.

The Lavaredo Ultra Trail is an 120km endurance race at 5800m+ of ascent, which is about 22+ hours of trail running on hard technical trails through mountains, forests and boulder fields. The sun is very bright in the mountains with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees C the entire time and this is my review of testing the Chafe Stick during my race.

Being a British runner I sweat a lot and with temperatures above 25 degrees C for the entire race, you can imagine what sort of state I was in.

"I applied the Chafe Stick before starting, and despite several changes of clothing I didn’t need to reapply the stick once. It saw me through 22+ hours of hard running without issue. If that doesn’t tell you how good it is, then I am not sure what will."

Before using the Chafe Stick I usually used a tub of Vaseline which would often wipe away and I would need to reapply, and if I was miles away from an aid point, I would have to simply grin and bare the pain.

The Chafe Stick is so light you forget it’s even in your bag, super easy to apply. I caught a couple of people curiously looking at what I was using as the standard tends to be plastic tubs of Vaseline or Body Glide.

For experiences like this, an awful lot of preparation and training goes into it. The absolute key is to be consistent. Don’t make excuses just because of the weather, get the trainers on and get out on the trail. Not only will it make you feel better within 5-mins, but by complimenting your training with Helm Wind products you’ll be able to take care of your skin at the same time.