We believe in order to look and feel our best, our mind, body and skin need to be healthy.

Which is why instead of botox, fillers, long hours and fad diets – we choose long walks, adventure, mindfulness and epic skincare.

We know that leading an outdoor lifestyle is good for the mind, body and soul – But not the skin.

We experience dry skin caused by harsh winds and cold temperatures, chapped lips, rough hands, chafed thighs and aching muscles and we know the difference our skincare makes.


Helm Wind Outdoor Skincare Plastic Free

All of our packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable. From the containers we use to the postal boxes we ship ours goods in. We endeavour to limit the waste we create, which is why you will never find our products in fancy excess cartons or wrapped in cellophane.

Helm Wind Outdoor Skincare Cruelty Free

We never test our products on animals - Nor do we use any ingredients that are derived from animals, as we believe this is the only way we can truly ensure our products are cruelty free. For this reason - we are proud our products are vegan.

Helm Wind Outdoor Skincare Tested in the Mountains

The Lake District experiences some of the coldest, wettest and wildest weather known to the UK. It is in this climate we extensively test our products by running, hiking, biking, climbing and swimming the mountains and lakes we call home.

Our Skincare products are expertly formulated and crafted by hand in the north of England from natural and naturally derived ingredients.


Legend has it, when William II invaded the unruly north, he made it as far as Dunmail Raise, where the locals made their stand. As the wicked king passed Grasmere, his army was stopped by a terrible roaring sound, thundering down from the hills.

Suddenly the King’s army was struck and hurled to the ground by an invisible giant, that lifted trees from their roots and knocked knights from their horses. 
The King and his army thought it was the wrath of God and fled, with the locals hot on their heels.

The giant is known to the locals as the Helm Wind and can still be found in Cumbria today.

It is in this tough Cumbrian weather, that we have made and tested our skincare products, to protect you and your skin from anything the outdoors can throw at you.