Tess Cake-Bread Brown Helm Wind Outdoor Skincare Ambassador


 I started mountain biking when I was 25, so 6 years ago. I was introduced to the sport by my housemate at the time who was into both road and off-road cycling. We headed to Hamsterley forest with a group of friends from work and I rented a hardtail.

-That was the day it all started!

As someone who had never been sporty, I definitely was not a natural, but I absolutely loved being in the forest, away from the noise of everyday life.

Since that first ride, mountain biking has slowly taken over and changed my life. Any time off work, we’re either planning rides, out on the bikes, or talking about previous mtb experiences. It has brought a new appreciation for the countryside and mountains, I’ve travelled to places I never would have otherwise seen and made friendships with people who’s path I would not have otherwise crossed.

As well as the escape and social side, its the physical and mental challenge I enjoy and of course, the extremely addictive adrenalin buzz. A good day on the bikes leaves you feeling like a superstar for days on end.

For me, my greatest mtb achievement isn’t a single event, it’s my personal progression. I never thought I would ride enduro or downhill trails – I was very scared of even the most basic red graded trails when I first started out. This meant I was/am a really slow learner as

“I had such a huge battle with my head to find the courage to ride harder tracks/conquer obstacles. So to have conquered so many mental barriers on my journey is really rewarding and is a big part of what keeps me pushing to continuously improve.”

Being out in all the weather all year round certainly takes it’s toll on my skin, especially my face, lips and hands. It’s super important to me to have good moisturisers and SPF protection to help combat the effects of the elements.

“I really like the Facial Barrier Cream SPF 50 and Intensive Hand Cream as they are super-nourishing and my skin just feels happy after using them.”

I also really like the shampoo bars as they lather up well. I really like how all the Helm Wind Outdoor Skincare packaging is plastic free as I am always looking for ways to reduce my impact on the environment.